Friday, February 21, 2014

ESSIE LEE HAYES - I’m Working For The Lord b/w God Truly Healed My Body (Custom Sound, circa 1972)

ESSIE LEE HAYES - God Truly Healed My Body (Custom Sound, circa 1972)

ESSIE LEE HAYES - I’m Working For The Lord (Custom Sound, circa 1972)

Dear readers, the Shreveport Songs blog needs your help. Who is Essie Lee Hayes? Here are the details we know…

Around 1972, Essie Lee Hayes recorded two gospel songs at Sound City Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana. These songs appeared on a 45 released on Custom Sound Records. The B-side, “God Truly Healed My Body,” relates a story about Sister Essie’s sickness and subsequent healing. This spoken recording features a haunting, repetitive guitar. Hidden in the background, there’s the sound of a bass guitar and maracas. This somber recording is a favorite around these parts. The A-side, “I’m Working For The Lord,” proves to be the record’s upbeat side. It’s a memorable song, too.

Can anyone shed light on Essie Lee Hayes?

Custom Sound SC-180 (circa 1972)
Rogan Publishing Company
SC-180-A I’m Working For The Lord (Hayes)
SC-180-B God Truly Healed My Body (Hayes)


  1. Somehow these sides remind me of the historic Ch 12 program Hallelujah Train.
    Btw, those of you with Hallelujah Train stories, Ch 12 is collecting broadcasting memories for their 60 anniversary celebration. Carolyn Roy is their contact.

  2. I know nothing, except that this is a brilliant 7''. Thank you!

  3. Hi from UK - I also have nothing to add except this is superb! More like this please

  4. Hello, Essie was my Great Grandmother. Several of her relatives are alive and well. Her daughter, grand son and grand daughter to name a few. What would you like to know?

    1. Bravefamily, thanks for reaching out. Here are a few questions that I'm wondering about Essie Lee Hayes:

      1) Did she live in Shreveport? If not, where?
      2) This recording features guitar; was she a guitar player?
      3) The lyrics seem to mention members of her church; what church did she belong to?
      4) I'm wondering about her age at the time of this 1972 recording; what was her birth and death year?
      5) Did she make other recordings?
      6) Can you share with us a photograph of Essie?

  5. hi from UK

    Had major computer problem late 2014 - lost everything! Any chance new links for this (and others if I let you know which ones?)


    1. Teekay, the sound file links have been updated.