Monday, March 9, 2015

DOROTHY WHITEHEAD - Rain, Rain, Rain (HySign, 1973)

Dear readers, you have helped solve a few Shreveport music mysteries over the years. Time for a new one. Who was Dorothy Whitehead?

Gospel shouter Dorothy Whitehead’s songs “Rain, Rain, Rain” and “Jesus, Just Jesus” appear on a 45 released on HySign Records in 1973. Regular readers will recognize this label as one run by Harding Guyon Demarais (aka Dee Marais). In “Rain, Rain, Rain” Whitehead tells the biblical story of Noah including references to ancient “creepin’ things” plus modern-day dope smokers and wine drinkers. It’s powerful stuff.

HySign 711 (1973)
La Dee Music BMI
711-X Rain, Rain, Rain (D. Whitehead)
711-Y Jesus, Just Jesus (D. Whitehead)