Thursday, June 25, 2020



Compiled in April 2020.

Songs about Shreveport, songs recorded in Shreveport, songs by Shreveporters, songs on Shreveport record labels.

Listen online:


1 JIMMY DOBRO Swamp Surfer (Philips 40137, 1963)
2 ALEX SNOOK JONES For My Worst (Blue Boy 1001, circa 1965)
3 EDDIE “G” GILES AND THE JIVE 5 Eddy's Go-Go Train (Murco 1034, 1967)
4 NOEL ODOM & THE GROUP Come on Down to Earth (Tower 441, 1968)
5 GAY POPPA Mercy Baby (Custom Sound 1007, circa 1970)
6 NORMA DRAGOO Nightmare (Custom Sound 142, circa 1970)
7 THE ROGUE SHOW Make Me Over Again (Paula 339, 1971)
8 AFRICAN MUSIC MACHINE Black Water Gold (Pearl) (Soul Power 109, 1972)
9 REUBEN BELL What's Happening To The World (House of Orange 2403, 1971)
10 MIGHTY AMBASSADORS Stranger in the City (Rapturea 1522, circa 1975)
11 LUCY-MARGARET LEWIS Reconsider Me (RAM 8042, 1980)


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